Add audio to a graphic

When you create graphics in the Designer, you can add WAV or MP3 audio clips as design layers.

  1. Locate a WAV or MP3 file that you want to include in your broadcast. Note that you can't trim audio files in Titler Live, so be sure your audio clip is the desired length before you add the audio to your design.
  2. In Titler Live's playout interface, select a graphic layer from the Layers workspace, then click the Edit Graphic button in the Preview panel.
  3. In the Designer, click the Add Audio button, locate the audio file you want to add, and click Open.
  4. The imported audio will now behave as a design layer. Position the audio clip in your timeline where you want the audio to begin. The entire audio clip will play during playback, so you may also want to adjust the timing and duration of other elements in your graphic.


  5. Save the design and close the Designer.

Tip: When you broadcast the graphic from the playout interface, click the Audio slider in the Live Monitor to adjust the volume in your monitor. (This won't change the volume in the output.)

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