Add graphics to vMix productions

Most Titler Live products let you output graphics to vMix via NDI. You can also animate graphics in and out and control your design's variables from within the vMix interface. This article describes how to set up Titler Live graphics in vMix.

Add a Titler Live source

  1. Open Titler Live and create a channel of layers that you want to include in your vMix production. For details, see Channel panel management.
  2. In Titler Live, set your output to NDI.
  3. Open vMix and click the Add Input button. The Input Select window opens.


  4. Click NDI / Desktop Capture and select your Titler Live NDI source.

Your Titler Live NDI source is now set up and ready to go.

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Edit graphic variables in vMix

  1. In vMix, right-click your Titler Live NDI source and choose Title Editor.

    Each variable in your graphic is listed on the left side of the Title Editor window.


  2. Click a variable and overwrite the default value in the Title Editor to change the variable.


    • To change text variables, overwrite the default text.
    • To change image variables, enter the URL of a local image file.
    • To change color variables, enter the hex value, preceded by the # symbol. For example, the hex value for blue is #0000FF.

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Animate graphics in and out from vMix

  1. In vMix, right-click your Titler Live NDI source and choose Commands.

    The context menu includes Animate In, Animate Out, and Animate In/Out commands for up to five graphics in your Titler Live playlist.

  2. Choose AnimateIn from the context menu to push a graphic in your playlist live with animation.
  3. Choose AnimateOut from the context menu to end a graphic.

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