Add graphics to OBS Studio productions

If you're licensed for a version of Titler Live, you can output graphics directly to OBS Studio.

  1. In Titler Live, you can create a channel of layers that you want to include in your OBS Studio production. See Channel Panel Management to learn more about creating channels. 
  2. In Titler Live's playout interface, click the Outputs menu and select Direct (OBS).
  3. In OBS Studio, click the Add Source obs-btn-add.png button in the Sources section and choose TitlerLive.


  4. In the Create/Select Source dialog, click the Create new option.


  5. If desired, enter a custom name for the new Titler Live source.
  6. Click OK.

Your Titler Live source is now ready.  Be sure to Select Titler Live as your Source within OBS when you want your graphic to be displayed.

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