Group design layers in a graphic

When you customize graphics in the Designer, you can create a group of different design layers which allows you to customize all the design layers in a group at the same time as if they were one design layer. You can move, scale, and keyframe groups, as well as apply effects and animations to groups. You can also still modify individual design layers within a group.

Group design layers

  1. In Titler Live's playout interface, select a graphic layer from the Layers workspace, then click the Edit Graphic button in the Preview panel.
  2. In the Designer, select the design layers that you want to group. There are several ways to select design layers:
    • Click outside of a design layer, on a blank space, in the workspace, and drag the pointer over the desired design layers.
    • Click next to a design layer in the timeline workspace and drag the pointer over the desired design layers.
    • Press CTRL (Windows) or Command (Mac) and click on each design layer in the canvas or timeline workspace that you want to select.
  3. Right-click (Windows) or Control+click (Mac) on one of the design layers in the canvas or Timeline workspace and select Group from the context menu.

    A blue bounding box appears around all grouped objects in the workspace.


Tip: To keyframe a group of design layers, see Animate design layers with keyframes.

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View design layers in a group

Click the expand/collapse arrow on the left side of a group in the Timeline workspace.


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Customize one design layer within a group

Expand the group in the Timeline workspace, select one of the design layers, and customize the design layer as you normally would. 

Tip: See Add styles to design layers for information about customizing design layers with style elements.

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Ungroup design layers

Right-click (Windows) or Control+click (Mac) on a group in the canvas or Timeline workspace and choose Ungroup.

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