Output graphics as a sequence of images

If you're licensed for a version of Titler Live, you can output graphics as a sequence of PNG files to a folder which can be played by streaming solutions as an animated graphic. Titler Live outputs each frame of a graphic as a separate image.  For example, if a graphic includes 50 frames, Titler Live will create 50 images.


  • PNG files are static images and won't include animations that may be present in your graphics.
  1. Create a folder on your computer where you want Titler Live to output a sequence of images.
  2. In Titler Live's playout interface, click the Video Out menu and choose PNG Sequence setup.
  3. In the setup dialog, select the folder you previously created, enter a name for the project (the name won't appear in the output), and click Save.
  4. Click the Video Out menu and select PNG Sequence.
  5. In Titler Live's Layers workspace, click a graphic's Play actions-btn-live.png button to play the graphic for its full duration and write the graphic as a sequence of PNG files. All PNG files are saved to the folder you previously selected.


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