Controlling Scoreboard and Social Graphics from a Phone/Tablet


When using Titler Live, it is possible to modify your Scoreboard and Social Media inputs using any internet browser from a device that is connected to your network. Not only is this process applicable to computers, but to cell phones and tablets as well.

Note: This feature is only compatible with the Scoreboard and Social Media data controllers. Changes to your title's design and attributes, as well as changes made using any of the other default data inputs must be made in-app.


How to Load a Controller on Mobile

  1. From your desktop Titler Live software, add either a Scoreboard or Social Input to one of your graphic layers using the Inputs dropdown.

  2. When the Controller Window opens, click "Open in Browser" in the top right of the controller window.

  3. This will open a new popup. Click the new "Open in Browser" button to see the controller opened in your internet browser.

  4. A new internet browser will open with the controller's URL visible in the address bar. Enter this URL into a browser on any mobile device connected to your network.

    Tip: An easy way to send an address to your device is to e-mail it to yourself.


Congratulations! You are now using your controller via your mobile device or tablet. For more information on using individual inputs, such as Facebook Live, Twitter, and Scoreboards, visit the help section on Connecting Data to Designs.

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