Output graphics with HDMI

If you're licensed for a version of Titler Live, you can output graphics to HDMI-enabled devices.

Set the display resolution and HDMI output

  1. Set your display's resolution and hertz rate to the same resolution/framerate of your production, in Display Adapter Properties on Windows or in System Preferences > Displays on Mac. (Although Titler Live renders graphics according to your project settings, your HDMI video feed follows your display adapter settings.)
  2. In Titler Live's playout interface, click the Video Out menu and choose HDMI.

    The HDMI window opens and shows the HDMI color key and any graphics that are live.


  3. If desired, click and drag the HDMI window to your separate HDMI display or switcher.
  4. If desired, double-click anywhere in the HDMI window to expand the window to full-screen. Double-click it again to reduce the window to its initial size.

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Select the HDMI color key

You can change the HDMI color key to black, blue, or green from Titler Live's playout interface or the HDMI window.

In Titler Live's playout interface, click the Outputs menu, choose HDMI Key, and select a color.

In the HDMI window, click the Settings menu and select a color.

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