Connect XML feed data to a graphic layer

Titler Live Broadcast and Sport can display data from incoming XML feeds, such as Scoreboard OCR and other sources that write real-time data to XML files. This data can be assigned to design elements such as text to be updated in real-time. 

1. In Titler Live's playout interface, open a project (if a project isn't already open) and select a graphic in the playlist.

Tip: Open the Graphics Library panel and drag a graphic from the library to your channel. To customize existing variables or create new ones, see Create variables in graphics.

2. Choose Select a data controller > General > XML > New Input.

3. A dialogue box will prompt you to either select an XML file from your computer or a URL that is hosting your XML data.


      • Enter the URL of the XML file on your local network or FTP location. Click the Select File button and select the XML file on your network.
      • FTP tip: The syntax for an FTP URL should be similar to You can also use an IP address after @ instead of a .com address.

4. The XML data and its variables appear in the Link Data button in the Preview panel. Click the Link Data button in the Preview panel to view the XML input and variables. 

5. Click and drag an XML variable onto an object in the graphic. Repeat this step for each variable you want to include in the graphic.

Tip: To disconnect a variable from an object in your graphic, right-click a variable in the Preview panel and choose Disconnect variable.



The XML data is now visible in the graphic. The graphic automatically shows the latest information as your data source updates the XML file.

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