Connect data from multiple sources to one graphic layer

Most Titler Live products can display data from multiple sources in one graphic, including sports databases, game clocks, news feeds, and more. Complete the steps in this article to connect your design to multiple data sources.

  1. In Titler Live's playout interface, open a project (if a project isn't already open) that includes a graphic that you want to connect to multiple data sources.

    Tip: Want to create a new graphic? Open the Library panel and drag a design from the library to the playlist.

  2. If you haven't already connected a graphic to one data source and set up that data source, visit the Connect data to designs section of our help center and complete the steps in an article that describes the data source you need.

    The following example shows a playlist with one graphic that is connected to one Stat Crew data source.


3. On the selected graphic, Choose Data Controller  > General > Clock for the graphic that is already connected to one data source, then select and set up another data source, as described in articles in the Connect data to a Graphic Layer section of our help center.

The following example shows a playlist with one Graphic Layer that is connected to multiple data sources.


4. If you want to connect additional data sources to your Graphic Layer, repeat the previous step for each new data source.

5.Click the Link Data button in the Preview panel to view the Text File Reader variables. (If the variables aren't visible, expand the Text File Reader list.)

6. Click and drag a variable onto an object in the graphic. Repeat this step for each variable that you want to include in the graphic.


Tip: To remove an input from a graphic layer navigate to the Preview panel. Click the link data button, then right click on the data source name and choose Remove input.

When you broadcast the graphic, data from all data sources are automatically updated just like any graphic that is connected to one data source.


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