Animate updates from live data

The Layer Properties panel contains the Live Data tab which allows you to manually update variables from a graphic layer manually. There are two modes for sending updates to graphic layers when information from your variables have been manually edited. 


The Live Data tab will be set to Manual-Update by default. Two additional icons accompany this button. The Update changes without animation button Update_without_animation.png will send any updates done to a variable from Live Data as a cut with no animation. This is very useful for making quick edits to existing information on a live graphic without drawing attention to a change. 

The Update changes with animation button Update_with_animation.png will send any updates done to a variable from Live Data using the transition preset applied to that design layer from the Designer. 

Note: These two update buttons must be pressed every time any edits need to be updated onto a live graphic. You can edit multiple variables and follow up with any of these two actions to send multiple updates at once. 

Tip: Hit the Enter key on your keyboard or click away from the text entry field to approve changes so that a variable can then be manually updated. 





Click the Manual-Update button to switch to the Auto-Update mode. Any changes done to variables from this mode will automatically be updated to on the live graphic using the transition preset applied to those design layers from the Designer. 


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