Move and resize design layers relative to text or other design layers

You can dynamically move or scale elements in direct relation to other elements from your graphic. For instance, you could scale the background design layer of a lower-third to the length of your variable text.

  1. In Titler Live's playout interface, select a graphic from the Layer's workspace. Edit the graphic by clicking the Edit Graphic button from the Preview panel. 
  2. Select a design layer in the canvas or Timeline workspace that you want to move or scale with another design layer.
  3. Click the Properties > Layer > Motion & Data
  4. In the Object Following section, select Move or Scale from the Type drop-down list to determine how you want the selected design layer to behave.


  5. In the Follow drop-down list on the left, select the name of the object to follow.

    Tip: If you selected Move from the Type drop-down list, you can select an option from the Follow drop-down list on the right to determine the point on the followed object that the selected object will move relative to.

    Important! Design layers with keyframes created from the Motion & Data panel cannot be set to object follow other design layers.

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