Create rolling credits

The Designer in Titler Live can format and animate text to play out as a credit roll. The credit roll will continuously play through the pause point until it has rolled through all the text. 

  1. Create a credit roll as plain text in a word processor or text editor. Save or set this file aside to use once the credit roll has been set up. 

    Tip: To create two columns of text, use the Return/Enter key on the first line of text for the first column, press the Tab key then type out the first line of text for the second column on the same line. Follow this text-Tab-text format for each line of text. The Designer will format the indented spaces in each line to create consistent spacing between columns.

  2. Create a new graphic in your Layers workspace. Edit the graphic by clicking the Edit Graphic button from the Preview panel to open the Designer. 

  3. In the Designer, select Add Text from above the canvas. You may add static text or variable text.
  4. Click and drag the text layer to top of the frame in the workspace.


  5. While the text layer is selected, click Properties > Layer > Style click the Vertical alignment btn-vert-align.png button in the Style tab and choose Top to align the text with the top of the text boundary box.
  6. Copy the credit roll text from your plain text file, double-click the text object in the design, and paste the text into the text object. (Don't format the text now; we'll do that later in this article.)
  7. While the text layer is selected, click the Properties > Layer > Motion & Data tab and mark the Rolling Credits checkbox in the NTX Playback Features section.

    Note: You can't apply the Rolling Credits attribute to a group of layers.


  8. Click and drag the Speed slider to specify how quickly the credits will scroll from beginning to end. As you increase or decrease the speed, the number of seconds next to the slider changes indicating how long the credits will be on screen.

    Note: You don't need to change the length of the rolling credits layer or the position of the Pause marker in on the Designer Timeline. Unlike design layers  in other types of graphics, rolling credits always play, without pausing.

  9. Click the play button under the canvas in the Designer to preview your rolling credits.

  10. To change the text's alignment, font, size, color, and other attributes, select the whole paragraph or a line of text and adjust the settings in the Properties > Layer >Style tab. For more information, see Add styles to design layers.


    • To center the text and create equal margins: Select the rolling credits text layer, select the Fit Text to Box and Center styles from the Styles toolbar, and widen the text box to match the width of the frame.
    • To adjust the width between columns: Select the rolling credits text layer, then adjust the Column Width slider in the Properties > Layer > Motion & Data tab.
    • To add an image to the rolling credits text layer: Insert a shape into the credit roll text layer and then apply an image to that shape, as described in the following steps.

      1. Double-click the credit roll text layer and place the cursor in the text where you want to display the image.
      2. Click the Add Shape button in the workspace and select a shape from the list. A shape is inserted into the text layer.
      3. Select the new shape in the text layer.
      4. Click the Image/Video option in the Properties > Layer > Style tab. A file selection window opens, where you can select an image. (To open this window later and change the image, click the thumbnail image next to the Image/Video option.)

    Note: You can't apply additional animations to a rolling credits text layer.


  11. To preview the credits, wait until the graphic is cached, which is indicated by a complete green circle around the Play btn-cache-play.png button, then click the Play button.
  12. Save the graphic by one of the following methods.

    • To save the graphic and continue working in Titler Pro, choose File > Save.
    • To save the graphic to your project's current session and close Titler Pro, click the Keep changes btn-keep-changes.png button in the bottom-right corner of the Timeline panel.

    Tip: To reuse the design in future projects, save the graphic to the library or save the graphic to your computer.

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