Play live video source layers

Titler Live 5 Broadcast has the ability to add any live video sources from your production directly into a channel as a layer. This live video layer can be managed with the playout interface's playout controls and may contain additional properties depending on the source. 

Create a new live video layer 

You may use a live video source as a layer in your channel to accompany your graphics and media layers. These layers will display your live feed in real time and be used for your output when the layer is live. Follow the steps to get your source set up as a layer in your channel. 

  1. Open Titler Live. Navigate to the top window menu and select File > New > Live Video. There will be a total of 4 options to choose from: Windows/Mac Device, NDI, Screen, and Browser. 
      • Windows/Mac Device: Any USB and or HDMI cameras connected directly into the machine running Titler Live. 
      • NDI: Live video sources that are being transmitted over NDI (Network Device Interface). These sources will exist in your local network and will require the machine running Titler Live to be on the same network as those sources. 
      • Screen: A live feed of your current displays. The any of the displays being generated by your machine or its peripherals will appear in the category. 
      • Browser: Sources hosted online can be used as a live video source. A URL is required for the link to be established. 
  2. Selecting any of the options above will add that live video source as a layer on your current channel. You may click and drag the layer above or below other layers to determine its layer hierarchy. 
    Note: Live video layers work best if they are below your graphics layers so that your graphics will play above your live video sources. 

Lock on (Broadcast only)

This feature allows a live video source to be set as a downstream key when toggled on from that live video layer's Layer Properties panel. This means the video source will persist below all the other layers in the channel it exists in. 

PTZ Controls(Broadcast only) 

If an NDI enabled PTZ camera is added as a live video source and you are licensed for Titler Live 5 Broadcast, then your Layer Properties panel will contain PTZ controls for that live video layer. 


You can adjust the Pan, Tilt, Zoon, and Focus parameters to customize the angle and shot of camera from the Layer Properties. Selecting the Auto button will auto focus your current shot. The Preview panel can also be used to adjust the Pan and Tilt by holding the CTRL key and dragging your cursor from within the preview. 

Selecting a number from the Preset area and selecting the Store button will save that preset and can be accessed from the Play preset dropdown. There are a total of 8 available preset slots. 


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