Output graphics with Virtual Webcam

If you're licensed for a version of Titler Live 5, you can output your graphics channel as a Virtual Webcam. This allows Titler Live's playout to behave as a retrievable video feed from online meeting platforms like Micorsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and more. 

In Titler Live's playout interface, click the Outputs menu and choose Virtual Webcam.

From a your meeting platform of choice, select your video/webcamera source. Titler Live 5 will appear as Virtual Webcam NewBlue Titler Live 5

Once selected, any layers live in your Titler Live channel will be displayed in your web camera feed as they do in your Program Monitor from Titler Live. 



  • To rename a channel, double-click a channel name, enter a new name, and press ENTER to save the new name.
  • To delete a channel, right-click (on Windows) or Control + click (on Mac) a channel name, choose Delete, and click Yes when prompted to confirm that you want to delete the channel.
  • Click a graphic's Play actions-btn-live.png button to broadcast the graphic on its matching channel, which you can monitor in Titler Live's Program Monitor panel.


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