Play layers using an Elgato Stream Deck

Titler Live is capable of playing a layer to Program monitor by using playout controls in the playout interface. Elgato's Stream Deck provides a convenient workflow for playing your Titler Live project's layers. 

Setting up the Stream Deck application

The Stream Deck application must be downloaded and installed on the machine running Titler Live so that the device can communicate with Titler Live. Check out Elgato's site here to download the application. 

Note: Select the Stream Deck you currently own and the Operating software you are using.

1. Once the correct application is installed, run the application.

2. Once open navigate to the Stream Deck Store.


3. Navigate to the Plugins category from the store. Once selected, there is a search bar that can be used to find the Titler Live plugin. Use the search term "Titler Live" to find it quickly.

4. Once located, install the plugin by clicking the Install button.


5. After the plugin installs, there will be a dialogue box asking if you wish to use a custom profile. The custom profile will setup your Stream Deck to use all the buttons available to be used for Titler Live. You can now close the Stream Deck Store window.


Note: If Titler Live is running and your project contains layers, the default profile will automatically populate with those layers. 


6. If the default profile was not used and a custom Stream Deck is desired, you can create a blank Stream Deck profile. Use the right pane to navigate your plugins and locate NewBlue Titler Live. This category will have an item named Play Layer. Click, hold, and drag this item to any of the empty buttons on the interface. TL_Button.png

Assigning project layers to play with Stream Deck

Once the button assignment is successful, you will see a NewBlue logo filling the assigned button. 

1. Select the button you just assigned. An interface will appear at the bottom for the selected button. 

2. Assign the title of the button in the input box next to the first item labeled Title. This title will display on the application and on your Stream Deck device. 

3. The second item named Select Graphic will allow you to select a layer from your Titler Live project to be assigned to the button. 


Note: The Play Layer preset from the NewBlue Titler Live category can be added to other buttons so that various layers from your Titler Live Project can be played. 

Play layers from Stream Deck 

Your Stream Deck is ready to be used to play Titler Live layers once your buttons have been set up with the layers of your choosing from your Titler Live project.  Titler Live layers added as a Stream Deck button will generate a thumbnail preview of that layer. 

1. Simply press desired button on the Stream Deck device to play the layer. This will instruct Titler Live to bring that layer live onto Program Monitor. 

2. Once a layer is played from the Stream deck it will be indicated by a red play button on the device and application. Press the same button again to play off the layer. 


Tip: Live Video and Media layers in your Titler Live project can also be assigned to be played by your Stream Deck. 


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