Where can I Find my NewBlueFX in Adobe Premiere?

We designed NewBlue TotalFX to work inside Adobe Premiere. The NewBlue effects and transitions will be located in the same folders that you find the effects and transitions that came with the program. 

Note: If you're on an M1 system Your TotalFX will not show up in your Effects list if you're not in Rosetta mode. Please refer to Operating Adobe Premiere in Rosetta Mode section:

Find Your NewBlueFX in Adobe Premiere

  1. First have to navigate to the Effects Tab:effects_tab.gif
  2. Either navigate to Video Effects > NewBlue or simply type "NewBlue" in search you'll see under Video Effects you'll see Elements, Essentials, Filters, Stylizers etc:
  3. Or navigate to Video Effects > NewBlue or simply type "NewBlue" in search you'll see under Video Transitions you'll see NewBlue Transitions:effects_tab_1.gif4. From here you'll simply drag an Effect or Preset onto a clip in your timeline!

Operating Premiere in Rosetta Mode:

Plugins will not show up within Adobe Premiere if you're on an M1 Mac OS. At this time, TotalFX doesn't run natively on an M1 Mac OS so you'll have to run Adobe Premiere in Rosetta mode:

  1. Open a finder window and navigate to the Applications folder 
  2.  Locate the Adobe Premiere Pro Application
  3.  Right click and select ‘Get Info’ 
  4.  Click the ‘Open using Rosetta’ check box in the info dialog
  5. Relaunch Adobe Premiere

NOTE: Please make sure you are clicking on the information for the application and NOT the folder. It is a bit confusing because Premiere Pro has displayed their logo for both. The folder will open to display contents within finder. The Application will actually open the program.



You should now be able to find the plugins within their designated folder within Adobe Premiere.


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