Finding NewBlueFX within VEGAS Pro

We designed the NewBlueFX products to work inside VEGAS. The NewBlue effects and transitions are in the same place that you find the effects and transitions that came with your NLE. 

Note: Effects and Transitions are in the "third party" tab of VEGAS and will not be labeled "NewBlue" so you'll need to be familiar with what plugins you have.

Find Video Effects within VEGAS Pro

  1. For NewBlueFX please navigate to the Video FX tab above the timeline.VideoFX1.gif
  2. Then navigate to Third Party tab above the Video FX display.VideoFX2.gif
  3. Scroll down once again to the desired NewBlueFX you want and drag it to the clip on the timeline.

Then you should be able to find your Effects Within VEGAS Pro.

Finding Transitions within VEGAS Pro

  1. For Transitions, navigate to Transitions tab right above the timeline.Transitions1_gif.gif
  2. Then Navigate to Third Party Tab above the effects display.Transitions2_gif.gif
  3. Then scroll down to you desired NewBlue Transition and drag it to the timeline.

Then you should be able to find your NewBlue Transitions Within VEGAS Pro.

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