Titler Live comes with the ability to add shapes. Shapes add an indispensable design element to any title. Work with native shapes within Titler Pro and apply the same effects, styles and transition as any paragraph. Import PSD layers and EPS vectors to further enhance your title-making process.

Add a native shape by clicking on the “Add Shape” button and select from an Ellipse, a Star or a Rectangle. This will create a new shape or add one to a paragraph if a paragraph is selected.


Apply style layers and manipulate the newly created shape just as you would a text paragraph.

To learn more about picking colors and textures, see Choosing Color and Texture

Video: Adding Shapes


Importing EPS Vectors

Import EPS vectors to add variety to your titles. Simple vectors work best in Titler Pro. 

To import a vector file, go to File> Import Vector...


Browse your computer and select an EPS file to import into Titler Pro.

The EPS file will be imported as a new paragraph and can be fully customized with styles, animation, effects and transitions.


Simple vectors work best in Titler Pro. Closed vectors work as individual letters when animated and can be manipulated with the Globe Handle.

Video: Importing EPS

Importing PSD Layers

Titler Pro also comes with the ability to import PSD layers . To import a PSD file, go to File>Import PSD File...


The PSD file will be added as a new paragraph and can be manipulated and animated with the Globe Handle.


Video: Import PSD

For information on importing images and video see Import

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