Basic Broadcast Title Template

This tutorial will show you how to create a quick broadcast-ready template to use in Titler Pro Live.


Let's get started:

Step 1:

Open the title designer and add a couple of paragraphs, type in your desired text and select a font you would like to use. Once that's done, adjust your title and add a background.

Step 2:

Set the variables you wish to be editable. Name them accordingly to to what you want to see in the Titler Live UI. For this example, we're making both text fields variables as well as the solid background. We will name the variables Line 1, Line 2 and Solid color.

For more information on the Workspace area, see WORKSPACE AREA

This is what The variables will look in the Titler Live interface once we are done:


For more information on creating Variables, see Variables

Step 3:

It's time to set the justification, alignment and text fit modes. This will assign how text behaves when your original text in the template is changed though the Titler Live interface. We will set the justification to center on both paragraphs, set the alignment to Bottom on the top paragraph and to top on the bottom paragraph. Then we will select the Fit Text to Box fit mode and stretch out the box until we hit the Title Safe margins.

For more information on alignment options, see Alignment

Step 4:

Once that's done, you can start animating in your title. Go to the library and select a few transitions. Apply them to the beginning and end of your title until you get just the right animation you want for your title.

Step 5:

It's time to optimize our title for performance. This will mean making the title as short as possible while keeping your in and out animations intact. This way. Render times are kept to a minimum while taking advantage of Titler Live's elastic timeline.  

To learn more about the Elastic Timeline, see Elastic Timeline

To achieve this, make the beginning transitions as short as it is acceptable and drag the orange fixed region of the elastic timeline to a point right after the beginning animations are finished, then shorten your title's length to where you just have a few frames of a still title and adjust the Flexible (green) region to match the static title. Adjust the next elastic region to match the remainder of your animation.

You can toggle Elastic timeline on and off by clicking on the “Elastic” button on your timeline.

Your timeline should look like this:


Step 6:

Time to save your creation. Go to the Library, go to Project Templates and select a folder to save your title in. Right-click on an empty space in a folder and select “ Save current title here”

Your title will now be saved and accessible from the Titler Live library. Once you load it, you can change the Text and color variables to your liking:

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