Add transitions to objects

When you customize graphics in the Title Designer, you can add transitions to objects and customize those transitions to create in and out animations, fly-ins, warps, zooms, and more.

Note: The Title Designer and the features described in this article are not available in Titler Live Express.

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Tip: You can use keyframes to change transitions in a design. See Animate objects with keyframes for details.

Add new transitions

  1. In Titler Live's playout interface, select a graphic in the playlist, then click the Edit Title Design button in the Attributes panel.
  2. In the Title Designer, select an object in the workspace or timeline.
  3. Open the Library panel and select Transitions from the drop-down list at the top of Library panel.


  4. To browse transitions in the library:
    • Double-click a folder to browse transitions within that category.
    • Hover your pointer over a transition to preview the transition on your design in the workspace. (An object must be selected to preview the transition.)
  5. To add a transition to the object that you previously selected, double-click a transition.

    Tip: You can drag and drop a transition onto any object in the workspace or timeline.

    When you add a transition to an object, the Attributes > Object > Transitions tab opens, which includes editable attributes for the selected transition. See the Customize transitions section below for more information.


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Customize transitions

To access transitions in a design, click an object in the Title Designer's workspace or timeline, then click the Attributes > Object > Transitions tab.

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Isolate layers

Isolate a layer in a composition to prevent the layer from cutting into other objects in the design.

Note: Isolated objects render separately from other objects, which takes longer to render the design.

Select an object in the Title Designer's workspace or timeline, then mark the Isolate Layer checkbox.

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Adjust preset transition attributes

Transition attributes appear in separate drop-down sections named for the transition that's applied to an object in your design.

Adjust any of attributes that are available for a transition, or select predefined settings from the Preset drop-down list.

Note: You can change preset settings, but if you select a different preset, your changes to the previously selected preset will not be saved.


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