Create graphics in Titler Pro 7

Titler Pro includes a variety of predesigned graphics that you can add to video projects, including lower-third titles, main titles, and more. This article describes how to create a graphic from a design in Titler Pro's library.

Tip: To create your own custom design, see Create custom designs with flexible durations.

  1. Open Titler Pro by itself or from within a non-linear editor (NLE).

    Tip: For details about adding a Titler Pro graphic to a project in an NLE, see one of the articles in the Add graphics to projects in your video editor section of our help center.

    The first time you open Titler Pro, a basic lower-third design opens in the workspace.


  2. To change the default design, expand the Library panel, select Project Templates (if it's not already selected) from the drop-down list at the top of the Library panel, and double-click a design.



  3. Enter values in the Attributes panel > Scene > Variables tab for text variables and any other variables, such as colors and images, that may be in the design. (Some variables are not in every design.)

    For details about the types of variables that are available and how to update variables, see Update variables in graphics.


  4. To view or change the project's aspect ratio and frame rate, choose Title > Title Settings.

    Note: If you use Titler Pro with an NLE, you can't change these settings from within Titler Pro. For more information, see Set a project's aspect ratio and frame rate.

  5. To set the project's rendering quality, choose Edit > Preferences > Final render quality and select an option.

    Note: Graphics with higher quality settings take longer to render.

  6. Save the graphic by one of the following methods.

    • To save the graphic and continue working in Titler Pro, choose File > Save.
    • To save the graphic to your project's current session and close Titler Pro, click the Keep changes btn-keep-changes.png button in the bottom-right corner of the Timeline panel. The updated graphic appears in your video editor's project.

    Tip: If you want to reuse all or part of the design in future projects, save it to the library or your computer. See Save designs and attributes to the library and Save and package designs to your computer for details.

If you're using Titler Pro with an NLE, the graphic appears in your NLE's project.

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