Set streaming options

  1. Open a project or create a new project for a sporting event.
  2. Click Settings if Settings isn't already open. (It opens automatically when you create a new project.)
  3. In Output, click a tab for a streaming option, then complete the following steps for the streaming option you want to set up.

    Note: A stream's resolution and frame rate can't be higher than the live output's resolution and frame rate (in Settings > Project > Project Settings).

    Streaming options:

    PrestoSports StretchLive

    1. Enter the Username for your Presto streaming account.
    2. Enter the Password.
    3. Click Login.
    4. Select options from the Channel and Preset drop-down lists. The available options are based on settings in your Presto account.

    Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)

    1. Enter the RTMP server's URL.
    2. Enter the Stream ID.
    3. Select a resolution and frame rate from the Stream Profile drop-down list. The available settings depend on whether you're using StretchCast Premium or Standard.
  4. Click Done to close Settings, or click Next to continue customizing the project's settings.
  5. To save the project, close Settings, then choose File > Save As, name the project, select StretchCast with Assets from the drop-down list, and click Save. For details, see Save and package StretchCast projects to your computer.

To stream a sporting event, see Stream events.

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