Create projects for sporting events

  1. In Presto StretchCast, click File > New.


    • We recommend you create a unique project for each type of sporting event that you plan to broadcast.
    • To avoid re-entering some of the same settings (such as the home team, video and audio sources, and outputs) each time you create another project, open a similar project (File > Open), save a copy of the project with a different name (File > Save As), then change only the settings that are different in the new project (such as the sport, data sources, graphics, and videos).

    The project's Settings opens. (To access the settings later, click Settings in StretchCast's playout interface.)


  2. In Settings > Project, set up the following details.
    1. Select a sport. You can select one sport per project.

      Important! The sport you select determines which graphics are available in the project. If you update an existing project and change the sport, you also need to select new graphics, as described later in this article.

    2. Enter the home team's information and the next visiting team's information if you have it. For details, see Add team information.
    3. Select the live output's preset resolution and frame rate. For details, see Set the live output's resolution and frame rate.
  3. In Video Input, select up to four video sources in StretchCast Premium or two in StretchCast Standard. For details, see Add video sources.
  4. In Audio Input, select up to four audio sources in StretchCast Premium or two in StretchCast Standard from any video source added to the project and any microphone connected to your computer. For details, see Add audio sources.
  5. In Graphics, select graphics that you want to add to the project's playlist, including scoreboards, lower thirds, team lineups, player profiles, player matchups, sponsor messages, bugs, picture-in-picture designs, and more. (Some graphics are only available in StretchCast Premium.) For details, see the following articles.
  6. In Data Source, select sources of data for scoreboards, statistics, and other information that you want to include in a broadcast. For details, see Select data sources for graphics.
  7. Optional: In Media, add video clips and create video sequences, such as commercial breaks, to include in a project's playlist. For details, see the following articles.
  8. In Output, set options to stream an event with PrestoSports StretchLive and Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), record the final output, and record sources. For details, see the following articles.
  9. Click Done.
  10. To save the project, click File > Save.

The project's graphics and videos are ready to update with data and preview for the next sporting event. For details, see Broadcast sporting events.


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