Roland switcher owners: Install Titler Live 4 Present

If you purchased a Roland switcher and received Titler Live 4 Present with your purchase, congratulations! Follow the steps in this article to download, install, and activate Titler Live 4 Present.


  1. Visit, then complete and submit the form.

    If you don't have a NewBlueFX account, we'll create one for you when you submit the form and ask you to create and verify a password.


    • Already have a NewBlueFX account? Enter the email address associated with your account.
    • Looking for your activation code? Open YourActivationCode.txt, which is a file on the NewBlueFX USB drive included with your Roland switcher.
  2. On the webpage that opens, click a link to download Titler Live 4 Present for Windows or Mac.
  3. Navigate to the location on your computer where you downloaded Titler Live 4 Present, then do one of the following steps.
    • Windows users: Double-click the EXE file to start the installation.
    • Mac users: Double-click the ZIP file to unpack the MPKG file, then double-click the MPKG file to start the installation.
  4. Follow the installer's prompts to install Titler Live 4 Present.


    After the installation, the NewBlueFX Application Manager automatically opens. If you entered your activation code in the download form and, if you are new to NewBlueFX, verified the email address for your NewBlueFX account (we sent you an email verification message when you submitted the download form), Titler Live 4 Present is automatically activated and ready to use.

    Not logged in? You'll see the Application Manager's Welcome screen if you're not logged in to a NewBlueFX account from your current computer. In that case, log in using the email address you entered in the download form.


Ready to get started? See Articles for Titler Live 4 Present.

Having issues activating Titler Live 4 Present? If the Application Manager shows that you still need to activate Titler Live 4 Present, perhaps you entered a new email address in the download form and have not yet verified the account (check your email for a verification message). Or, perhaps you didn't enter the activation code in the download form (you can also enter it in the Application Manager). For more details, see Activate Titler Live 4.

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