Enable or Disable Title Sharing

Title Sharing is a powerful tool that can save you time when you need to create multiple titles that share a similar design. However, there are certain workflows where Title Sharing can cause unintended issues; for example, if you want to reuse titles you made for a previous project, and you copy and paste those titles in your NLE, it is easy to encounter a situation where any changes made to the copied titles will affect the original titles as well. For this reason we have added an option to completely disable Title Sharing in the Preferences menu.


By default, Title Sharing is enabled in Titler Pro. To disable Title Sharing, click on the Edit menu and select Preferences. Uncheck the option that says Enable Title Sharing and close the preferences menu. 


With Title Sharing disabled, all titles in your NLE project, whether copied or not, are treated as completely separate. If you wish to re-enable Title Sharing, simply open the Preferences menu and check Enable Title Sharing.

Note: To learn more about how to use Title Sharing please visit this page:

Update multiple graphics that share the same design

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