Create style tabs for custom graphics

The style tabs in Settings > Graphics are where you can view and select graphics for a project’s playlist. If you have StretchCast Premium and you want to create custom graphics, you also need to create at least one custom style tab for your custom graphics.

Tip: You can import custom style tabs and graphics that you exported from StretchCast. For details, see Import custom graphics.

Note: This feature is only available in StretchCast Premium.

  1. Open a project or create a new project for a sporting event.
  2. Click Settings if Settings isn’t already open. (Settings automatically opens when you create a new project.)
  3. In Graphics, click Add btn-add.png to create a new style tab for custom graphics.


    A new Custom style tab opens.

  4. (Optional) To permanently rename the new Custom style tab, enter a new name while it is highlighted, then press ENTER. (You can’t change this name later.)


  5. To add custom graphics to the new style tab, click Add New and follow the on-screen instructions. For details, see Create custom graphics.
  6. Click Done to close Settings.
  7. Click File > Save to save custom style tab to the project.

Tip: To export custom style tabs and the custom graphics listed in those tabs, click a Custom tab, then click the Export button. The exported NBSTYLE file includes the style tab and custom graphics, which you can archive or import on another computer where StretchCast is installed.

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